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Her doctor suggested Erbitux—a proven cancer drug that targets cancer cells exclusively, unlike conventional chemotherapies that more crudely kill all fast-growing cells in the body—and Aucoin went to a clinic to begin treatment.

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Adenocystic carcinoma of the base of the skull in the orbital region on the left
Cancer is not a sentence. We hear it every day, we believe it. Lena and her husband Igor also believe that they will defeat cancer. Our task is to help them strengthen this faith and find funds to pay for their treatment.

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Cancer is always a surprise. None of us live in anticipation of cancer, no one is happy when faced with it. It is always a surprise. It's always a shock. When you are a young beautiful girl, you have your whole life ahead of you, and you are not yet married and have not given birth to children - you have a double shock. Cancer in our brain equals death. But this is the first reaction.

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Americans' misconceptions about Canadian healthcare.

Having accepted your diagnosis, an approximate understanding of the path arises - what to do. Operation, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, immune, targeted ... Doctors offer options, the patient chooses, thinks and acts. But this is in a perfect world. In 2012 Lena heard the words “you have a tumor, but we suggest that you do nothing, it doesn’t bother you”. Then Lena was unmarried, she did not think about children. And three years later, Lena fell in love. And soon she found out that she was pregnant.
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Against the background of pregnancy, the tumor, which practically did not change for three years, began to grow. Surveys, consultations, analyzes. Doctors strongly recommended that Lena perform a cesarean section, and then surgical removal of the tumor.

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